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User Guide

In the user guide, you will find:

  • a quick guide to install and run the CABLE tutorial.
  • a more complete guide with full explanations to install, run, customise a CABLE simulation and understand the output from CABLE.

Users' responsitilities

We ask all users of CABLE to consider contributing to the CABLE software in the following ways.

Report issues with using the CABLE software

All issues should be reported via a GitHub Issue or via the ACCESS-Hive Forum if there is no GitHub repository appropriate to report the issue. Some examples of issues to report, but not an exhaustive list, are listed below:

  • unclear documentation
  • typos in documentation
  • out-of-date documentation
  • awkward workflow
  • crash with supported configurations
  • possibility of bugs in the code base

Acknowledge the developers

Although the license on CABLE does not require attribution of the work by the users, we would appreciate if you could acknowledge the developers' contribution to your work where appropriate. Here are some suggested ways for you to acknowledge developers:

  • for features that are new to the CABLE version you are using, consider proposing co-authorship to the feature developer(s) when writing a scientific paper using that feature.
  • consider citing the CABLE released version in your papers' references using the appropriate DOI.